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Hydrant and Water Source Asset Management System

Hydrant management is not normally seen as a priority and yet significant cost savings can be achieved by redefining hydrants distribution and improving processes. Hydra has demonstrated that only a system specifically developed with efficiency in mind improves the service processes performance and delivers significant costs savings.

In addition, reliable hydrant information including the location of all water supplies sources near to an incident and their detailed characteristics is vital. Hydra enables quick on-site decisions by providing firefighters with mapping showing all reliable water supplies.

With its adoption by more than 30 fire brigades, Hydra is the leading hydrant management solution in the UK Fire Service. With improved hydrant information management, these organisations have reduced their costs but also improved their operational efficiency and safety at incidents.

Key features and benefits

Hydra provides an extensive range of functionality allowing organisations to efficiently and effectively manage every aspect of hydrant and water sources information from their initial proposed status through to routine inspections, defect management and abandonment.

Hydra records information about hydrant ownership, location and status, inspections, defects, repairs and thus ensures that firefighters receive accurate hydrant information available at the incident location.

Hydra consists of three key components:
  • Hydra DIS - Desktop Information System enabling key aspect of hydrant management to be recorded, tracked and reported on.
  • Hydra GIS - Geographical Information System enabling hydrants to be positioned, viewed, plotted, relocated and updated.
  • Hydra FIS - Field Information System enabling the accurate location of hydrants including their grid reference, address and location details to be captured in the field and used to update the central database.

In addition, Hydra Export exports data from the Hydra database to allow data sharing in Hydra FIS and other SAFEcommand™ products: CMS (Central Management System) and the mobile solution VMDS (Vehicle-Mounted Data System).

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